Erica Mou

italian acoustic // singer-songwriter

Despite Italy’s long and diverse popular music tradition, some seem to equate Italian music exclusively with Canzone Napoletana, grandiose film scores and heart breaking ballads of such artists as Eros Ramazzotti or Laura Pausini. Italy’s vibrant contemporary pop scene is a little known secret. Erica Musci, better known as Erica Mou, is one of the most promising talents coming from Italy’s singer-songwriter scene in the recent years. Erica’s album È (2011) is a collection of raw, warm and intimate songs, evoking true Italian spirit with a global, modern touch. Erica will be playing in New York, Los Angeles and Miami as a part of the Hit Week, Italian music festival, highlighting the catchiest contemporary music Italy has to offer.

Gracious melodies with quirky rhythms.
Erica Mou – Giungla
Erica Mou – È
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10 Responses to “Erica Mou”

  1. C. Antimo :

    Bravo! Mi piace molto!

  2. irene losciale, Italy :

    Bravissima Erica! Well done! I whish you all the best, cause you deserve it! a kiss, Irene

  3. Vito :

    Well done Erica. Congrats! Vito

  4. laura pausini songs :

    Great song Erica!Very well sung .i really like the music opposition of the song and the lyrics too sounds great.Well done Erica.I must say Bravo!

  5. Kevin C :

    Loved E, it touched my heart.

  6. tasik :

    with an attractive appearance, beautiful and has long been known to seem quite easy for him to be a big star in the world.

  7. Giulia :

    I love her! She went in my town for TEDx at the theatre check it out

  8. Submit an Ad :

    nice tracks.. i would say melodies. Keep posting such a nice music, i will be coming back for more.

  9. Urosh :

    Beautiful :)

  10. roberto :

    Saw her in Los Angeles on 11 october 2011 and she is wonderful! Reminded me a little bit of Caterina Valente.