Ana Tijoux

urban eclectic // hip-hop

There’s a surprising gap between MTV mainstream hip-hop and the uber-coolness of what’s actually happening to the music nowadays. Unknown to the mainstream audiences, French-born Chilean MC Ana Tijoux may very well be that elusive next best thing in hip-hop music. Ana’s album 1977 pays tribute to the old-school hip-hop, mixing organic vinyl scratches, urban grooves, jazzy horn samples and Latin sounds. Ana’s voice is velvety and smoky, some times whispery, yet always seamlessly flowing with the the beats. One song standing out is the largely autobiographical title track “1977” with its strong melody, Mexican trumpets, dynamic rhythms and truly excellent production.

Spicy urban beats.
Ana Tijoux – 1977
Ana Tijoux – Sube
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15 Responses to “Ana Tijoux”

  1. Willians Bernardo :

    Amei seu som muito bom mesmo “Sube” loco…..

    Elói Mendes, MG – Brasil


    yo!big song!delectable!thanks.

  3. Colin McDowell :

    Infinitely inspirational. Marabella. Tan suave con sus palabras. Voy a escuchar a estas canciones para el resto de mi vida. This music will last!

  4. musicocentric :

    Great flow and delivery, great beats, I’m loving this!

  5. Humph :

    Simply stunning, lyrical bliss!

  6. Thomas :

    Yeah – cool sound. we want more! :)

  7. Cigdem Pacal :

    yeah more songs from ana tijoux, love 1977!

  8. tvshack :

    This is hella smooth sound.

  9. Luke :

    Thanks for posting. I don’t agree that the gap is “surprising.” MTV hasn’t been relevant for at least 2 decades now.

  10. ADD :

    Shes got a Manu Chao/Calle 13 vibe to her music….I like!!!

  11. Michael Gregoire :

    Oh shhhhhh… this is some of that over there shit!

  12. David Amira :

    I think this is the future for female hip hop.her range is insane!!

  13. Erik :

    Wow – I’m not normally a big hip-hop listener, but this album is really amazing…

  14. Rachel Adell :

    AND I found my new hero. What the crap? That was freaking AWESOME

  15. Heidi :

    Maybe you like this edit of 1977 too? It’s a free download!!