The Dø

indie pop // french eclectic

The Dø is one of those musical gems I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. Now, with their debut album A Mouthful (2010) finally released in the US and the recent North American tour, is the time to introduce this French-Finnish indie pop act. The Dø first captured attention of European music lovers with their song “The Bridge is Broken”, written for a contemporary dance performance Scène d’amour back in 2005. A Mouthful, a rather eclectic collection of songs, evokes similarities to the sweet quirkiness of Nina Perrson, the Knife’s electro touch and the sharp playfulness of Lykke Li. “At Last” carries rich guitar riffs, piano and bluesy harmonica arrangements woven with Olivia’s yearning, seductive vocals. Ukulele driven “Stay (Just A Little Bit More)” is simply a little delightful track.

Somewhat eccentric, playful melodies.
The Dø – At Last
The Dø – Stay (Just A Little Bit More)
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7 Responses to “The Dø”

  1. Samuel Vaz :

    Finally indeed… I’ve known this duo, and their debut, since 2008. It’s really lovely to listen to their singing… It’s very interesting how they show jazz, hip-hop and folk influences mixing together with such a perfect harmony.

  2. Loïc :

    “On my shoulders” is the most famous song !

  3. Jason :

    Her voice reminds of Sheryl Crow. Great find!

  4. Jaypeedee :

    Really cool, sweet sound

  5. Hugh Doolan :

    wow, what laid back tempo and sweet vocals. The guitar licks that come in towards the end give it classic textures; very bluesy..very nice

  6. Rachel Adell :

    I love ‘Stay’…what an adorable meek tune! The beat, the swing, the adorableness. Love it!

  7. ariella :

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