Duke Special

bohemian retro ballad // singer-songwriter

Belfast artist Duke Special, a.k.a. Peter Wilson, is a de-facto Vaudeville revivalist. Duke’s songwriting is highly theatrical and colourful, somewhat recalling the aching beauty of such artists as Rufus Wainwright and Antony Hegarty as well as the Dresden Dolls’ cabaret extravaganza. In “Our Love Goes Deeper Than This” Duke merges a variety of inspirations such as melodramatic Vaudeville, big band and Bebop with rich and bouncy piano, clarinet, trumpet, drums and quirky sound effects. “Wanda, darling of the Jockey Club”, taken from his latest release The Stage, The Book And The Silver Screen (2010), parades the jaunty and retro swinging side of Duke’s song crafting.

Bittersweet Vaudeville melodies.
Duke Special – Our Love Goes Deeper Than This
Duke Special – Wanda, Darling Of The Jockey Club
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9 Responses to “Duke Special”

  1. Erik :

    OK, this just made my whole day… I love it!

  2. adriana tavares :

    I LOVED IT TOO!!!!

  3. Del :

    Saw him in concert last week, this guy is a genius and so humble! :)

  4. Vanessa :

    That’s Neil Hannon in Our Loves Goes Deeper Than This, right? My heart did a whoop when I heard that voice! Duke and Neil sound great together.

  5. Julija :

    Yep, that’s Neil Hannon

  6. Demelza :

    Just fantastic!

  7. Aonghus :

    I’m incredibly pleased to see Duke Special here… I saw him a few weeks ago in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland and he was (not unexpectedly) brilliant!

  8. christine :

    seriously, no neil hannon mention? he’s the best!

  9. Mauricio :

    Fantastic feel, made my day!