April Smith and the Great Picture Show

cabaret // folk pop // singer-songwriter

If you think that April Smith and the Great Picture Show sounds like the name of some 1930s vaudeville act — well, you wouldn’t be so far off. The upbeat and retro stylings of April Smith and her band bring to mind cabaret acts, jazz, and swing with an indie twist. As we saw at SXSW, there’s a swagger to her live set as well as the band’s recordings. April’s brassy vocals are well matched by the myriad of instruments backing her, including piano, upright bass, horns, accordion, drums, guitar and even a ukulele. Her album, Songs For A Sinking Ship, was a true-blue grassroots effort, financed by her fans on Kickstarter.com and the result is stunning, quirky and lively. This is burlesque with a swagger… and a heart. Take a listen to “Colors” and “Movie Loves A Screen” below and just try to refrain from clapping along.

Boisterous indie pop meets swingin’ cabaret.
April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Colors
April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Movie Loves A Screen
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8 Responses to “April Smith and the Great Picture Show”

  1. Eric :

    I really hope she gets to Europe some day.

  2. Will :

    All of the music on this music is fantastic. This one is my new fav. I’ll spread the word about this girl, she deserves some more followers.

  3. Sabina :

    I can’t stop listening to April Smith! I just downloaded “Songs for a Sinking Ship” and every single song is fantastic! I especially love “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” the lyrics are hilarious.

  4. Fritz :

    I discovered them recently and they are just amazing; their music is so full of joy and so quircky. hey have a great livesession on daytrotter

  5. The Pursuit of Folk (blog) :

    I love the jazz influences. Classy stuff, good find.

  6. Alan :

    I love her voice and the upbeat music. I just can’t help but smile while listening to these songs.

  7. Wim Leers :

    Awesome songs! :)

  8. Heather :

    Daughter and I just had a dance party in the kitchen. Fun!