Alex & Sam

indie folk // acoustic pop

When I first heard the gentle tunes of Alex & Sam, it was absurd how quickly I became enamored with their jazz-influenced, indie folk sound. Throughout their debut E.P., Sounds Like This: Part One, the duo’s deceptively simple melodies and intimate vocals are paired with full strings, keyboards, horns and a gentle percussion that keeps the whole record moving. Whether it’s Alex or Sam taking the vocal lead (or both), each song is a gem, lovely and unexpected.

Effortless melodies and intoxicating harmonies.
Alex & Sam – Buy Your Side
Alex & Sam – Land Of The Free
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6 Responses to “Alex & Sam”

  1. sarah :

    love them. thanks!

  2. Shawn :

    These guys are great! Nice find again!

  3. golem09 :

    I love them. I’d buy their single if it were available on a pressed CD. But I won’t pay for crappy quality mp3s.

  4. moothril :

    Since I downloaded this two mp3s, I’ve been listening to them nonstop. :)

  5. startbas :

    I really like this kind of music. Respect to artist!

  6. Acacia :

    I have listened to “buy your side” over and over again. No song has ever made me feel so much at once. It’s the best turmoil of emotions. Whether I am happy or sad, it brings out that emotion while making me feel at peace. Complete contentment…