Mungo Jerry

oldies // summertime pop

Not too much to say. But anyone in Boston today can agree with me..

Summer has arrived.
Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime
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4 Responses to “Mungo Jerry”

  1. Jeff :

    Not the same weather in France near Strasbourg, but there’s almost a sunshine thanks to you !

  2. Another Jeff :


    Don’t you just love this weekend…

    No BU students and no game at Fenway…

    It’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop on Comm Ave.

    As for Mungo Jerry… great cruzing music!

  3. joani :

    Hey Paul,
    Thanks so much for posting this song!! Ever since I heard it (which was probably on some tv commercial years and years ago), I’ve always wanted to know what the song was.. and now I know!! WOOHOO! =D
    Keep up the fantastic work on the blog, I’m an avid reader/listener of your posts. Kudos from Sydney, Australia! (It is F-F-FREEZING over here) :P


  4. Lina :

    I was/am so happy when I saw that you posted this song, its an old favorite. Brought a very big smile to my face, thanks.

    Burlington, NC