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I often wonder what the record label of the future looks like. Artists now can now create, record, promote and distribute their music for little or no cost. Thank you, Internet. Though I’ll admit, record labels have done a phenomenal job at curating similar talent; when you find an artist on Warp, Ninja Tune, or Stones Throw that you like, you can find other nuggets amongst their roster. Merck Records has been the same way, and it sadly closing its doors after years of delivering some amazing IDM and future beats.

One of the strongest producers from a star roster of talent
Deceptikon – Montana (feat. Cyne) (from Greater Cascadia – 2007)
Deceptikon – Sometimes You Hear It Coming (from Birds of Cascadia – 2006)
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3 Responses to “Deceptikon”

  1. Anonymous :

    Great stuff, as always. Just wanna post a big “thank you” for one of the very best, high quality music blogs I know. Great work, it is always a pleasure to read your carefully selected entries.
    Regards, Jan

  2. Phil :

    Do you know Ninja Tune’s 3-disc “Xen Cuts” collection? If you want an all-star display of an all-star roster, look no further.

  3. Fluxcapacitor :

    Superb, thanks. I second Jan’s comments above.