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Solemn sobriety. A boy of definite talent. At age 16, Matt Hales was awarded a scholarship at Winchester to study composition; by 17 he’d had his first symphony “Life Cycle” performed by a 60-piece orchestra, with Matt himself conducting. With “Strange & Beautiful”, Matt creates a mood — like a desolate and wet field with an overcast sky. You see her a quarter kilometer away, she looks warm, though you’re shivering. Take a couple steps towards her…
Pick one or the other: the original for an incredible song; the rework to delve deeper.

Aqualung – Strange & Beautiful
Aqualung – Strange & Beautiful (Cassan Vae Ambient Rework)

7 Responses to “Aqualung”

  1. howard :

    I’ve seen aqualung twice now live, they were surprisingly good both times.

  2. Paul Irish :

    “surprisingly” like you had low expectations and they surpassed those? twice?

  3. Nick Francis :

    Beautiful Song. Thanks.

  4. howard :

    exactly – I had low expectations (I went to keep the wife accompaied/happy), and they far exceeded my expectations on both occasions – the first because they were so good at making what seemed like a studio based album (the first one) sound great live, and the second because the songs were better, and the sound was as good as Smile that I’d seen the week previously at RFH.

  5. Anonymous :

    I’d never heard of Aqualung, but I downloaded the track just because it sounded interesting….and wow. I’ve just ordered the album – BRILLIANT tune.

  6. Anonymous :

    This is WAY better than Jehtro Tull. Sorry, I had to make that joke. (sherrie)

  7. Anonymous :

    This sounds really interesting.
    Thanks for the recs.
    E AKA elisabet_moisio