Keston Cobblers Club

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3 Responses to “Keston Cobblers Club”

  1. Philip :

    Great find! Thank you!

  2. Kevin Cardinale :

    Yup, sounds like Beirut and Mumford and sons. It’s good, just don’t know how to feel about it, still sounds good I guess, thanks for the find!

  3. Kevin Cardinale :

    Was gunna say, you guys still around, one update in 6 months? One comment on the latest story? I hope things are alright, I’ve been coming to this blog for… has it been six years? I haven’t liked everything you guys have brought, but you’ve always been a good fallback site. Believe me, that’s a compliment. I always am pretty happy to find something unique reaching my ears pretty damn consistently. All the best, KC

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