80’s rock // 90’s rnb

Booming kickass aerobic fusion of rock anthem prowess laced by R&B harmonies atop honeycomb percussion, sung with authority and confidence bonded by sisters – Alana, Este, Danielle Haim (rhymes with time) merge generations of trial and fun on their free Forever EP. A breathtaking flux of sonic elements cures every moment with first kiss big crush excitement; creating rhythmic floods of emotion highlighted by pivotal layering of vocals transforming singular force to airy chorus with glowing precision. Ripe for placement in soundtracks, ourselves, or simply in our dancing shoes – Haim thrills me entirely.

Haim – Better Off
Haim – Forever
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  1. L.N. Hammer :

    Ooo — good stuff. Both of those are instantly moving to my high-rotation playlist.

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