Ana Tijoux

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15 Responses to “Ana Tijoux”

  1. Willians Bernardo :

    Amei seu som muito bom mesmo “Sube” loco…..

    Elói Mendes, MG – Brasil


    yo!big song!delectable!thanks.

  3. Colin McDowell :

    Infinitely inspirational. Marabella. Tan suave con sus palabras. Voy a escuchar a estas canciones para el resto de mi vida. This music will last!

  4. musicocentric :

    Great flow and delivery, great beats, I’m loving this!

  5. Humph :

    Simply stunning, lyrical bliss!

  6. Thomas :

    Yeah – cool sound. we want more! :)

  7. Cigdem Pacal :

    yeah more songs from ana tijoux, love 1977!

  8. tvshack :

    This is hella smooth sound.

  9. Luke :

    Thanks for posting. I don’t agree that the gap is “surprising.” MTV hasn’t been relevant for at least 2 decades now.

  10. ADD :

    Shes got a Manu Chao/Calle 13 vibe to her music….I like!!!

  11. Michael Gregoire :

    Oh shhhhhh… this is some of that over there shit!

  12. David Amira :

    I think this is the future for female hip hop.her range is insane!!

  13. Erik :

    Wow – I’m not normally a big hip-hop listener, but this album is really amazing…

  14. Rachel Adell :

    AND I found my new hero. What the crap? That was freaking AWESOME

  15. Heidi :

    Maybe you like this edit of 1977 too? It’s a free download!!

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