Emma Salokoski Ensemble

bossa nova // finnish folk

Light-hearted rhythms of various bossa nova interpretations come from all over the world, yet one could not expect such seamless recreation of summery vibes coming from the land of gloomy winters. In their album Kaksi Mannerta (Two Continents), the members of Emma Salokoski Ensemble easily mix the essence of bossa nova aesthetics and traditional Finnish folk. Richly melodic Caetano Veloso’s Brazilian pop, Madredeus’ modern folk influences, and Emma Salokoski’s bright voice, singing in her native Finnish, caress the ear, and certainly is the perfect antidote to chilly autumn air.

Unique synthesis of Nordic attitude and tropical flavours.
Emma Salokoski Ensemble – Mina Maneira
Emma Salokoski Ensemble – Sua Jos Aattelen
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5 Responses to “Emma Salokoski Ensemble”

  1. rannva :

    I rarely manage to like songs sung in Finnish, but E. Salokoski’s voice is very pleasant and softens the otherwise strong and staccato Finnish language. Very nice!

  2. Dana :

    wow I love it. Both of the songs have been on repeat on my itunes. Her voice is soothing and the tunes are catchy. I’ll definitely check more of her stuff out.

  3. GSD :

    Following your lead, I researched a little more & discovered Emma’s other project “Quintessence”. It’s more R & B oriented, but still highly recommended. Listen to “Delirious” on Emma MySpace profile for a sample. Quality stuff.

  4. scott :

    I heard the first Emma S. song a couple of days ago, and found the Aurgasm post through a Google search.
    Thank you for the info and song!

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