Petra Jean Phillipson

british singer-songwriter // pop folk // folk-baroque

Although Notes On: Love (2005) is the debut album, recorded with the former Verve guitarist Simon Tong, Petra Jean Phillipson has years of experience in music, writing and collecting songs for about eight years. Unavoidably, her vulnerability and emotionality reminds me the beautiful sadness of Nina Nastasia, yet Petra Jean has the strength of Polly Jean Harvey and Shannon Wright. Her honest lyrics, haunting murmurs, choruses and melodies, and overall powerful sound, balances between spooky and bewitching.

Contemplative and compelling work.
Petra Jean Phillipson – I Want The Impossible
Petra Jean Phillipson – Play Play
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6 Responses to “Petra Jean Phillipson”

  1. Jason :

    Nice Paul, another ethereal feminine voice. Reminds me of Dani Siciliano and… someone else I can’t put my finger on…

  2. Paul Irish :

    Hey Jason! good to see you around. This is Julija’s post actually. I’m hearing some cocorosie in PJP, myself.

  3. Andrew :

    She was one of the vocalists on David Holmes’ Bow Down to the Exit Sign, right? Awesome stuff.

  4. Nicholas :

    Like it a lot, but the NSFW bits caught me off guard. Not to be all Tipper Gore, that was just my reaction.

  5. Julija :

    @Andrew, yes, right.

  6. Claude :

    Like a cat with it’s claws being pulled out. New PJ Harvey? More like new Beverley Craven. Sorry, not my thing