Marsen Jules

ambient // folk electronic

Set adrift on an open sea of morning sunsets; wrapped in silk sheets with bubbly sounds permeating your skin’s pores; Marsen Jules’ Les Fleurs pulls its way into every nerve of your body – wrestling gently with layers deep inside, feeding your heart impulses of tranquility, while soothing and effortlessly lifting away the surface of every day. Escape, forget, dream.

Close your eyes and drift away.
Marsen Jules – Coeur Saignant
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5 Responses to “Marsen Jules”

  1. Paul Irish :

    A dirty part of me wanted to label this ‘folktronica’ as I could imagine it on a Colleen or Pedro record. Very pastoral elements mixing with a groundless electronic instrumentation. Very nice pick.

  2. Anne :

    I love it when I know I’m going to like it before I even listen… and then I’m right.

    (I do wish this track did just a little bit more though)

  3. tisco_over :

    you can find his old release for free on autoplate.

    love it

  4. Anonymous :

    wow, vaga lenta. love it.


  5. Anonymous :

    beautiful description