Dani Siciliano

left-field house // quirky jazz-house

From her first solo album Likes… (2004), Dani Siciliano has shown that she is much more than beautiful vocals for dancefloor-oriented tunes on collaborations with Matthew Herbert. A vocalist, producer and DJ, original and witty, Dani returns with her second album Slappers (2006). Once again Herbert is sharing production duties with Dani. Yet having background in both night clubs and jazz combos, she has her own knowledge of music. Dani creates her own sound by combining the elements of house, disco, blues, pop, electronica and even a little country with an instrumentation that includes teacups, spoons and such.

It’s playful and serious. As Dani says herself, “it’s about woman.”
Dani Siciliano – They Can Wait
Dani Siciliano – Come As You Are (Dani’s Come Lighter Cover)
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2 Responses to “Dani Siciliano”

  1. uh :

    nice selection
    Dani Siciliano – They Can Wait via | aurgasm | more tracks

  2. Roland :

    Nice one! They were playing Slappers in one of the local record shops, and I recognized her voice from Scale. Good stuff, thanks.