Lhasa De Sela

nomadic latin // world folk

I first heard Lhasa’s name spoken among the crumbling foundations of an old building in Lithuania. That was a year ago. But now, having finally heard her sing, heard those torpid words crawl from her throat, I’m right back there in that blown-out courtyard. And like last year, it’s filled with sunken faces disguised by smiles and with quiet, deferent chatter, as a woman sings atmosphere from a plastic chair on a rickety stage. The album’s called The Living Road, and it evokes just that; a series of beautifully alive places, linked by a single, winding thread.
Beth Gibbons with an accent; intense and breathy.

Lhasa – Con Toda Palabra
Lhasa – Pa’ Llegar A Tu Lado
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13 Responses to “Lhasa De Sela”

  1. Garrincha :

    Lhasa is BIG in France. And obviously, she’s good for your health …

  2. VC :

    Lhasa is one of my top favorite artists. Don’t forget her first album, “La Llorona” ; it’s entirely in Spanish, but full of intense, captivating music.

  3. El Vikingo Holandes :

    Lovely, very lovely.
    One little quirk though; she definitely is not a native Spanish speaker ;)

    If you like this, try this as well, you might like it ;) It’s a Spanish band, and this album is with many guest vocals.
    “Mastretta – Luna De Miel” (pretty out there at times)
    or the Portuguese fado singer Misia. Awesome stuff.

  4. sam :

    I bought this CD a while ago, and really liked it, it’s nice to be reminded, it’s so easy forget what’s in your rack!

  5. Quixie :

    She speaks Spanish, dude.


  6. Grace :

    I subscribe to you via ipodder. I’m here working late. Fired up Con Toda Palabra. Wow. This is why I so enjoy your site.

  7. Andrew :

    Thanks to VC for recommending La Llorona (I haven’t yet heard it); thanks to El Vikingo for recommending Mastretta (to the world music section, Robin!); and thanks to everyone else for the kind words.

    As for Lhasa’s Spanophony or lack thereof, I rather suspect she is a native speaker, but of Mexican Spanish rather than Spanish Spanish, which may be where the confusion is coming from. Nice article on her here.

  8. Meagan :

    This has been one of my favorite posts so far. I’ve got a penchant for really talented female vocalists and she is the perfect ear candy. Thank you for the introduction!

  9. andrew james :

    Good-gravy… everytime I check this blog it is fantastic. Many thanks for the introductions.

  10. Tea :

    I just found this site a few days ago. Thanks for Lhasa!
    Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania!
    I’ll be sure to stop by soon again and check more of this amazing stuff you introduce here.

  11. L.N. Hammer :

    Catching up here: finally got The Living Road two weeks ago and have been listening to it repeatedly. Thanks for the heads-up about Lhasa — tasty stuff.


  12. Anonymous :

    Lhasa is amazing. Went to her concert on Tuesday & fell in love with her. When I first listened that name was three years ago in a little mexican island called Holbox. Luciano is an italian man living there. He likes Lhasa. You must see her in concert at least once. She is so sweet.

  13. Paul Irish :

    Sad news…

    Lhasa has passed away, as of Jan 1st of 2010.