Trina Hamlin

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9 Responses to “Trina Hamlin”

  1. Canowine :

    oooh yeah, that’s great. Love the harmonica opening.

  2. filologanoga :

    The rhythm… the percussion effects… the voice… the blues… Yes!

  3. Aditya Bidikar :

    Wonderful. Magnificent.

  4. Jon Tomas :

    Holy Wow. I’m a big fan of the harmonica, but that voice…

    /me runs off to iTunes Music Store… she’s there!

  5. Mike Jones :

    Excellent!! She is simply amazing.

  6. Anonymous :

    THAT is music! Thank you so much for turning me on to this wonderful talent! :-)

  7. Anonymous :

    mmm- what a hot humid voice… this is good stuff

  8. Viviane :

    Anon. put it pretty well – a hot, humid voice. And the way she puts forward that song! can’t stop listening.

  9. Alita Ayscue :

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