The Tiny

uneasy minimalist folk

The awkward emotive voice of Ellekari Larsson rattles inside your head. You question what beauty sounds like. A piano and cello creep in with slow trepidation. The song’s lyrics strive for a warm emotional intimacy, but yet the instrumentation and vocals feel almost frigid and aloof. This raw power of this gem, ‘Closer’, hit me immediately when I sampled it from Fat Planet and continues to addictively reel me in.
An intimately disorienting ballad from a trio in Stockholm.

The Tiny – Closer
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7 Responses to “The Tiny”

  1. Eris :

    It’s my first to touch this voice. I like it very much. Thank you.

    BTW,your blog is so beautiful. I will collect it and always enjoy it.

    Thanks again!

  2. Paul Irish :

    Btw- you can see more about this Scandinavian chamber-rock group (I shouldn’t have called them folk) at their website:

  3. sovietblocparty :

    wow, this is really beautiful. sounds a bit beth gibbons-esque… thanks for introducing them to me. :]

  4. Jez :

    Lovely track – and what a delicate voice. Can I commend you on your good taste – every post you write has excellent music. You are swelling the coffers of with my money.

  5. Allan L. :

    Thank you sooo much for posting this. “Closer” is one of the best, if not the best song I’ve heard all year.

  6. Aditya Bidikar :

    Quite wonderful. Thanks for the MP3.

  7. Flick :

    Wow — The Tiny is amazing. I’m a big fan of bands like CocoRosie and this is the same genre and it’s aweseome.