Song: Wonderwall

pop-rock -> somber indie -> big-band swing

The most satisfying covers are those that transform the song into a completely new setting. Today, you’re getting two unique covers of the Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’, easily my favorite track from the Gallagher brothers. Ryan Adams (who’s coming out with two more albums this year) presents a slow but deliberate guitar and reverbed vocal track. From the subtle voice crack to fingertip-string treble to his emotional howling, Ryan’s cover emotes a clear and true representation of the song’s meaning. On the complete and opposite side of things, Paul Anka’s take, from Rock Swings, is a glitzy big-band version with spot-on vocals and instrumentation. The arrangements are well done – not sleazy covers like Richard Cheese.
One version subdued and sincere. The other bright and boiling.

Ryan Adams – Wonderwall
Paul Anka – Wonderwall
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10 Responses to “Song: Wonderwall”

  1. Lindsay :

    Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall has been on every cd that I’ve burned since February. Definatly a great song.

  2. Alastair :

    My 4 y.o. and I are very partial to the Mike Flowers Pops version. But that may be just some weird genetic defect.

  3. Grace :

    Paul Anka, who’d thunk it? Thanks!

  4. Dave :

    not too big on either of these.

    just my two cents.

  5. Maciej :

    Cat Power’s version of this song is also really great.

  6. Galen :

    Hey! I like Richard Cheese!
    (Haha, good stuff.)

  7. Anonymous :

    I am embarrassed to admit, in your presence, that I like Oasis. Perhaps I can find redemption when I say that I enjoy these covers much more than the original.

  8. Anonymous :

    cat power cover you say?

  9. Paul Irish :

    believe you me, i looked at every cover of this song. the cat power take is really nice, but i limited my post to only 2 songs. I bet Liza’s gotten it covered.

  10. Chris :

    Ha, you’re a legend – I thought the file would be gone by now :-) Thank you!