Lizz Wright

sultry female vocal jazz

Earlier this week it was unbearably hot outside. Although not soon enough, the rain came and drenched absolutely everything. Now the heat is seeping out of the ground and the water evaporates into a sweaty steam that delivers that sweet summer rain smell right to my nose. Lizz Wright’s music fits in perfectly with this smell and humidity – an undercurrent of warmth and passion simmering beneath a blue-gray soundscape. Each element is recorded with killer clarity: her voice, the guitar plucks and strums, the deep double bass string rattle.
Absorb the summer rain in aural form.

Lizz Wright – Old Man
Lizz Wright – A Taste Of Honey
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8 Responses to “Lizz Wright”

  1. guanoboy :

    What a great version of A Taste of Honey…beautiful. Thanks much.

  2. Scholar :

    Both of these songs are great. Thanks for the posting.

  3. Krista :

    She’s an amazing singer, I’ve linked this blog because it’s awesome.

  4. Nick Francis :

    I’ve been wanting to post Lizz on my blog for a while. You beat me to it. Good work, good music.

  5. playpause :

    Lizz was also on my to-post list… Great album.

  6. tricia :

    What a voice! Thank you very much for the introduction. I read your blog regularly and always enjoy it.

  7. Perdita :

    Stunning. Thanks for turning me on to Lizz Wright.

  8. walker :

    A bit of a Cassandra Wilson rip off – the vocal style, the choice of covering Neil Young, the instrumentation. Very obvious.