California Guitar Trio

instrumental guitar // new acoustic

I woke up really early this morning. I thought I had to be late and my boss would be calling soon to hound me. But, instead, I have an hour of me time before rolling out to work. These two songs by the California Guitar Trio are the perfect complement to this quiet morning. “The Marsh” begins as simple as could be, but soon a sonic sophistication develops — harmonies are voiced, counter-melodies balance the sound, and intricate musicianship comes off smooth as fresh linen. “Led Foot” sounds unmistakably like Blue Man Group at the beginning and takes a similar, aggressive approach to the song; be sure to catch the acoustic interplay at 2:50.
Monday morning music. First, soak in the sunshine, then get moving, mister.

California Guitar Trio – The Marsh
California Guitar Trio – Led Foot
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7 Responses to “California Guitar Trio”

  1. Anonymous :

    I love these guys, but it appears, alas, that they have broken up as a Trio. Two of them now exist as The Hollywood Guitar Duo. (no, that wasn’t a joke… ;-)

  2. Paul Irish :

    Are you sure? It didn’t look like it to me:

  3. Zonker :

    Jeez… I try out some of the MP3s posted here from time to time, but this is the first band that’s really just blown my socks off. Fantastic stuff…

    I’m on the hunt for their entire CD catalog now…

  4. Matt :

    They’re definitely still around. I missed them two weeks ago when they came to Boston. Ergh.

  5. Anonymous :

    Okay, may be my bad. It may have just been a temporary fling. However, do check out the Hollywood Guitar Duo, particularly if you like the classical tracks.

  6. jdavies :

    If I’m not mistaken, they have a cover of queen’s bohemian rhapsody that is more than perfect.

    This trio is sure bet. Buy ’em!

  7. IanB :

    Different than what I usually look out for but Ireally like these tracks thanks I will look for their albums !!