Professor Longhair

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  1. R. Piggy :

    Damn good post!

  2. taylor :

    where can I pick up this set?

  3. Jesse :

    Great pick — Fess, as he was known, was a legend of New Orleans piano. Anyone who likes this should check out Dr. John, who more or less took the torch from Fess. In fact, I might have to do a Dr. John post sometime soon…

  4. Paul Irish :

    The Rare Funk series is on the Cobalt label, from 1995. This particular release is number COBLP-1008.

    Satellite records is out of stock.
    as are most other vinyl outfits. is looking to be the best online resource i can find for these hard to find gems, some results there.

  5. Matthew Deacon :

    You guys have to get to know Fess better. He’s one of the true geniuses of the blues. This track is not actually professor longhair’s creation; a great arranger and composer named earl king wrote this and is the guy whistling on this track, but I’m sure that fess arranged the piano part. Check him out playing his catchiest tune Tipitina on

  6. Daniel :

    The form of this song isn’t AABA, it follows a 12 bar blues form. I chord for four bars, IV chord for two bars, I chord for another 2 bars, and then a ii – V – I that more or less defines the blues form.

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