Xploding Plastix

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  1. guanoboy :

    Nice stuff…your description is right on…thanks!


  2. Anonymous :

    unreal!! just when you think that no one could touch the cinematic orchestra in feel and depth, there ya go. some of the richest music i have heard in..well, a long time. so good i had to post a comment form my lazy ass. DRONE (seattle)

  3. Paul Irish :

    That’s absolutely what I had been thinking. They’re both so damn talented. My mind has a hard enough time tracking all the sounds hitting me — I can’t imagine creating it. I’m looking forward to TCO’s new album, whenever it comes out.
    Also, is it just me or does the Tom Tyler Remix of Channel 1 Suite REALLY need a remix with Roots Manuva rapping on top? That’d be incredibly hot.

  4. Dmitry Linkov :

    superb music. thanks a lot.

  5. Nick Francis :

    All I have to say about these selections are two words:



  6. gwen :

    Strange how you can wait monthes and monthes waiting for real good surprises… This is a rare one.
    Big discovery !

  7. Matt :

    I didn’t consider sampling an art until I heard these guys. The jazz drum samples are used to create such complex rhythms its fascinating. Also very refreshing to hear stand up bass sampled as a main bassline. Very different, very cool.

  8. Garrincha :

    Incredible sound !
    Thanks a lot for this ! I was just beginning to feel a bit cynical with all this new music coming to me through mp3 blogs but not really touching me … and there you go …

  9. Dom :

    Thanks for this post – Their album has gone to the top of my “Wanted” list – great music + the fact they have Sarah Cracknell(from one of my favourites bands Saint Etienne)featured on a track has sealed it!!.

  10. Scott :

    excellent discovery, once again.

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