Sigur Rós

space rock // ambient post-rock

We all have our favorite untitled track from Sigur Rós’s epic 2002 record ( ). We have no idea what those words are, but they’re so entirely soothing; the emotion wrought out by that voice matches the soft, glowing and powerful ethereal sounds of the band. “Ba Ba” was part of an experiment called Split Sides; a collaboration between Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company to explore the interaction between avant-garde music and dance. The music and art that emerged is something I’d call breathtaking.
Lay down with this music. It’ll carry you on fingertips of contentment into a restful sleep.

Sigur Rós – Ba Ba

5 Responses to “Sigur Rós”

  1. Anonymous :

    The first listen-round of ( ) was not a happy one for me. I sat there for the first three tracks going “the same 11 syllables over and over and over again? You solo. You solo no fi lo. You so. My ass!”
    Buuuut…it grew on me. After using it in a sound design scheme for a production, I had to admit I liked it–grudgingly.
    Thanks for the pick, can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.


  2. terrified :

    That ba ba ti ki do do ep is some good shit, although a little tuba would have helped.

  3. Nick Francis :

    Another beautiful selection. This reminds me very much of something from Eno’s ambient series. Thanks.

  4. darío :

    As always, U rocks man…

    I am addicted to your weblog…
    Sigur Ros it´s a must, it´s heaven for my ears…
    From Buenos Aires, a loyal listener of your post!!

  5. No Tomorrow Charlie :

    Very nice blog you have. To some extent your blog has the same intentions as mine. It’s always nice seeing people who enjoy good music..

    Be sure to check out mine aswell.. (It’s in Dutch, I’m Belgian, but I suppose you’ll recognize pictures and names.)