Beef Wellington

trip hop // down-on-the-heavy funk

It ain’t just an exquisite dish; it’s some Orlando-town funkin’. “Threes” warms you up with a fit bassline, the dubbed-down tempo is propelled by the lyrics from the arsenal of MC Swamburger and Melissa Mye, but it don’t stop till a tabla enters in and mirrors the vocals rhythms.
“Slightly Elevated” is heavier on the funk. It brings in some definite acid jazz riffing which gets slightly tiring, but the harmonies at 4:45 bookend the song sweetly.
Git funked, git crunked, now git on down, son.

Beef Wellington – Threes
Beef Wellington – Slightly Elevated

4 Responses to “Beef Wellington”

  1. Anonymous :

    “Threes” absolutely blew me away. It’s now on ‘repeat’ on my computer so that it pops up constantly. Thanks for showing this track off!

  2. thebeathunters :

    big props for the beefies! very good and interesting mix of soul/funk/jazz/lyrics
    we want more!

  3. Anonymous :

    Yeaaaah, I’m with the others. ‘Threes’ crawls into my inner ear and demands repeat listens. THANK YOU KIND MUSIC MAN

    (sherrie –

  4. Anonymous :

    actually the whole album is absolutely great…

    various tracks appear on viva la bam, feel fantabulous for example. listen to previews off the other tracks on audiolunchbox