Mathieu Boogaerts

french minimalist pop

Cute playful bounce. For all the people I’ve shared Mathieu with, “cute” is the most used descriptor upon first listen. It was definitely his fragrant and clean sound that first attracted me to him. His American fans affectionately call him “Booger” and he’s collaborated with Yann Tiersen (composer of Amelie). That’s reason enough.
Boogaerts wields a unique pallete of sounds to create these simple and likable tunes. Listen in.

Mathieu Boogaerts – Sens
Mathieu Boogaerts – Ou

6 Responses to “Mathieu Boogaerts”

  1. thebeathunters :

    strangely, most of your posts appear in that strange unicode characters so it’s damn hard to deal with it on a regular basis…
    i face the same problem in my own blogspot (the naugahyde life) so maybe it comes from my mac and i just don’t have the font i need to read it… anyway, great selection of tracks, as bahamadia and jill scott are both some of my faves, you can catch some own remix versions of their stuff at in the music section… nice to see some french bloke (or is he belgian?) i’m gonna post some tracks from another french guy, katerine, that hopefully you’ll enjoy

  2. Crystal_E :

    I found this via your comment on Fluxblog. This is a great blog and I love almost all the tracks! Especially the Red Astaire song. Keep up the good work!

  3. Anonymous :

    ooh, i loved these two. also enjoyed joe cuba. thank you very much for this quality blog ^_^

    – kathy at apu dot edu,,

  4. Anonymous :

    It is wonderful to see that there are Americans enjoying his deliteful music. He has become my favorite singer and I love his fantastic sounds.

  5. Claudio :

    Ondule is my favorite song of his!

  6. Lon Neumann :

    hello,I’m from Leiden University

    My thesis cited your articles, if that violated your copyright, delight send an email to get in touch with me.