F i A S C O


Sex. Video. Ya-boos. F i A S C O, aptly named to reflect its absurd overexcessiveness, crafted together this delicious quasi-porno-video morsel. It’s bringing the ultra-sex of Mount Sims, adding in a handful of porno actors, the voice of David Bowie (or maybe Oingo Boingo) and spinning it in a superbly edited video showcasing the most hilarious sex strips and peeks I’ve seen. They apparently have no other songs, and their first show ever is this Saturday, but the video is making a loud splash. WARNING: NUDITY(!!!)
Give me a good excuse why you don’t want to see 80’s hair-dos and breasts. k. Thought so.

F i A S C O – Those Feelings (video)

4 Responses to “F i A S C O”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Apparently this crashes some people’s Firefox. Just try again; it’ll work. :D

  2. Skoodog :

    This is hilarious. And really, really, really gay.

  3. 20jazzfunkgreats :

    Erm, i don’t want to see 80’s hair-dos and breats beacuase i have a note from my Mom.

    Will that do as an excuse?

    If not I guess i’ll just have to see the 80’s hair-dos and breasts (i don’t think they are real though).

    The wierd thing is they are serious, at first I thought it was an artschool joke like Rozzetta (also great video).

    Brilliant, thanks for this.

  4. Paul Irish :

    Haha. That video is great. Danke.