Aurgasm@Bumbershoot: Day One

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8 Responses to “Aurgasm@Bumbershoot: Day One”

  1. moi :

    no mp3 = not interested…

  2. Paul Irish :

    Sorry moi, we’ll try to get more audio for these posts.

    We’ve just added a video to this post, and we’ll do that for the forthcoming content. We’ll also make sure all artists we mention are linked up to their myspace or whatever so you can listen there.

    It’s also likely we’ll do a followup with one or more of these artists afterward, and we can share some MP3s once we get proper permission to do so. :)

  3. Magnus :

    When I heard the first part of “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” I was just waiting for someone to chant “Can I kick it? Yes you can”.

  4. tclopetfan :

    dyno is sub-par version of the roots. and i have seen mayer hawthorne before…reeeeeal nice guy, but i thought his songs didn’t transfer that well live (note: it could have been the venue and sound). however, his bassist is THE MAN.

  5. dirkhaim :

    Yea, his bass player is the man indeed

  6. dash :

    Is it my imagination, or does Kim look a bit like Iggy Pop while she’s in the raw?

  7. Erik :

    Matt’s vocal color and delivery put me in mind of Dave Kusworth (think “Kings and Queens”-vintage Jacobites…) Excellent timewarp experience!

  8. Paige :

    I recently saw that they were nominated for an MTV woodie, its so weird, 3 years ago i saw them at a house show in Savannah, GA.