Aurgasm@Bumbershoot: Day Two


Hey Marseilles
Hey Marseilles, previously mentioned on Aurgasm as one of Michelle’s SXSW discoveries, warmed the hearts of the crowd on a cold and cloudy morning. Seattle’s Hey Marseilles play fresh and magical orchestral folk tunes that are both melancholic and genuinely cheerful. With piano, violin, trumpet, cello and accordion their stage presence is a miniature extravaganza. Barely known outside Seattle, these guys are definitely worth to keep an eye on.

Hey Marseilles – From a Terrace

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The Dusty 45s
Another pleasant discovery today was the Dusty 45s. Their energetic performance covered a variety of styles ranging from rockabilly to powerful Balkan notes (think Devotchka), from alt-country and Americana to classic Rock & Roll fun.

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3 Responses to “Aurgasm@Bumbershoot: Day Two”

  1. Yo :

    Thank you for Hey Marseilles ! It’s a beautiful discovery for me…

  2. Natalie :

    I like this! Hey Marseilles remind me a lot of Swedish band Johnossi, but less rough sounding.

  3. Manu :

    I think I remember the Dusty 45s from dusk till dawn … a favourite