electronic // ambient

Scott Hansen fosters an ambiance causing me to envision a chilled-out, trippy escapade through Fraggle Rock; perhaps after eating too many Doozer buildings. Like the complex, symbiotic relationships and events intertwined in their colorful, simply-presented world, there are many elements combined in Tycho to nurture a magic, enveloping presence.

Blissfully soothing and energizing.
Tycho – From Home
Tycho – Past Is Prologue
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11 Responses to “Tycho”

  1. Kimberlee Morrison :

    Your description of the sound is quite perfect. I like the way these two songs start off rather simple and additional elements are added as they continue. The percussion fades into the first song before it full ethereal fullness. I’m not sure what it is with me and music with no words lately, but I am digging this.

  2. Tom :

    Wow – beautiful stuff here. Lovely chilled summer music. Similar to Ulrich Snauss but a little less smooth (though it doesn’t suffer for it).

  3. Daniel :

    Hey, thanx for reminding me on Tycho again!

  4. m-boy :

    Wow – thanks for Tycho!

  5. Brian :

    I get kind of a Boards of Canada vibe from “From Home”. Very cool sound.

  6. Micha :

    I really love his new song Daydream. It was an instant purchase for me as I saw he has a new song up.

  7. Leo :

    “From Home” is an awesome track. Thanks for turning me on to this great band!

  8. Secret Owl :

    Ahhh, I loves me some Tycho. His new song ‘Cascade’ is brilliant.

  9. PKayne :

    I am so happy that you have showcased Tycho’s (Scott Hansen’s) work. He is a brilliant artist all around. First I fell in love with his graphic designs and then was blown away by his music. He is definitely an artist to watch.

  10. Vincent :

    “From Home” is a truly cinematic, exceptionnal, one-of-a-kind song.

    I agree with Brian, you get quite the same feelings listening to the song “Music is Math” from BoC.

  11. Tom :

    Finally got around to ordering this album and it’s spectacular! Great music – thanks again for the tip off :-)