Farryl Purkiss

singer-songwriter // acoustic pop

Butterfly’s wings lift measures as Farryl’s voice strengthens chords bound to your heartstrings. From an open book on the north shore of KZN, South Africa, he sings his life in pages charted by notes and emotional highlights. Like a good friend in a local pub, watching a few beers disappear with, he’s there, standing by a mic, helping slay those grumpy distractions away. Where faint sounds of surf whisper through quiet nights, and feelings billow like smoke from campfire lights, there is cast his first chapter’s reminisce.

Simple, inviting songs, waiving to your ears.
Farryl Purkiss – Better Days
Farryl Purkiss – Times Like These
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8 Responses to “Farryl Purkiss”

  1. Mowgli :

    I can only say:Wow!!!!

  2. Sirsparrow :


  3. Alan :

    I concur, impressive laid back pop music indeed

  4. Giovanni Gaggia :

    FATASTIC – REALLY GOOD, no GREAT , seeds of greatness and honesty in here.

    I’d like to meet this band, let them contact me via my email.

    I know how to make their sound go BIG into this world, with some MINOR change.

    If they want to go mainstream – please contact me.

    Musical Master

  5. Lana :

    Wow!!!Fantastic!!I really Adored it!!!

  6. Coco :

    You know how sometimes you hear a song and it actually changes your life. Times Like These, man… I don’t think I’ll ever be quite the same having that guitar solo committed to memory.

  7. Paul :

    Well written. I like the presence of a mail voice in the lite mix. Get me a mastered CD of at least 12 songs.

  8. Toni Maisey :