Worm Is Green

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  1. Paul Irish :

    Worm Is Green have a new CD, Push Play, coming out in early 2007. While they didn’t give me permission to share it’s music, it’s worth seeking out.

  2. MJ :

    Beautiful and moody, I can’t stop listening to “The Robot Has Got The Blues”. You’re right about that inexplicable feeling. :)

  3. Paul Irish :

    Ha! You nailed that word I couldn’t think of! Thank you, ma’am.

  4. André :

    Beautifull, calm and I’m in love with the little hidden instrumentals =)

  5. MJ :

    :D You’re welcome!

  6. Scarlet :

    ooh, this is beautiful.

    although the band name kind of sucks.

  7. Anonymous :

    their new cd is out and has been out for a while in iceland (if you can get it from there…)

    it’s playing right now on my computer :)

    ps they were great live when i saw them with einar orn (of the sugarcubes) in reykjavik a few years ago!

  8. jlj :

    I found Worm Is Green when browsing iTunes for covers of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart (Track 3 on Audiomagic). There were loads of them, some good, many that sucked. I guess I liked this combination of dreaminess and kind of sharp, edgy rhythm.

  9. Mars :

    Truly beautiful.

    After listening to these sample MP3’s for over a month, I just bought & downloaded the whole album at eMusic.

    Thanks for keeping this up!

  10. Angel :

    They are definitely great.No doubt about it.

  11. BlueObjectDesign :

    You nailed it on that feeling my friend. I’ve done much artwork while listening to Automagic. Kind of lame these guys aren’t getting more attention, I feel they are one of the genuinely innovative and original acts in the industry as a whole.

    btw. I can’t find where to purchase the new album anywhere. Not even Amazon. I’m not the least bit interested in downloads – overcompressed poor audio quality music just ain’t for me I guess – any idea where I can get a hold of a physical copy?

  12. Paul Irish :

    the new one wont come out till April. And that’s probably the european release. Watch amazon.uk and WiG’s website.
    Good luck!

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