Richard Galliano

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  1. L.N. Hammer :

    Crunchy. I love it.

    Reminds me in some ways of how some klezmer bands use accordion, though I’m sure the influence runs the other way. I’m thinking in particular of some tracks by the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, but I’ve heard others live.


  2. Jakob :

    Dude, I was just planning on digging out Galliano today after work, coz I heard him on radio. You always hit the right notes!

  3. carolbee :

    fabulous! take a listen to Galliano and Ron Carter in Panamanhattan. its alchemy. I love the way the pull and stretch the music between them.

  4. Anonymous :


    thanks .. brought this cd

  5. skeenbr0 :

    Further proves my theory that an accordion in the right hands can be cool as hell

  6. Jez :

    I saw him play live here in the UK some months ago, in duo with French clarinettist Michel Portal.

    Have you heard Portal’s work with a set of American musicians, with the “Minneapolis” album?

  7. michelle :

    gotan’esque…with all the mystery of phantom

  8. Anonymous :

    Thank you for the introduction!

  9. sorley :

    Heard Galliano with Gary Burton last night in Cartagena, Spain, and I am still shaking.Phenominal, like MJQ, Paris of the 30’s, swings like mad.

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