Roísín Murphy

glitch-jazz // nightclub diva

All the girls you know adore Frou Frou. You’ve dabbled deeper into Imogen Heap‘s solo work and you still remember a British duo, Moloko, and their finely tuned house tracks, “Sing It Back” and “The Time Is Now”. Well, the vocal siren from that dance-pop duo, Roísín Murphy, is now back with enough energy and spice to heat up your bedroom. Armed with the production mastery of Matthew Herbert, Roísín’s debut album, Ruby Blue, is packed with strong, soulful tracks with enveloping beats and complex time signatures. Much of the jazz-laden feeling from the Matthew Herbert Big Band‘s work is present, save Jaime Lidell‘s identifiable croon. “Sinking Feeling” emotes a 1950’s barstool seductress, teasing her audience’s eardrums and tantalizing their senses.
Finger snap, bra strap, electric zap.

Roísín Murphy – Sinking Feeling
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6 Responses to “Roísín Murphy”

  1. Merv :

    Thanks for this track. I’ve always wanted to hear a solo album by Murphy and I was unaware that this one dropped. Serendipity is a beautiful thing.

  2. Anonymous :

    Thanks for doing this site. I’ve actually started buying cds again after hearing a bunch of the stuff you had on here.

  3. M.A.T.T. :

    this shit is hot.

    and how do you recommend hosting your files?

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  5. Anonymous :

    Good song! Thanks!

  6. KT :

    “finger snap, bra strap, electric zap” — possibly the most appropriate description of a piece of music I’ve ever read.

    and a sexxy song, too.