Mr Scruff

bouncy electronica // funky downtempo // acid jazz

Mr Scruff got a heap of exposure not too long ago when Lincoln yoinked “Get A Move On” from his album Keep It Unreal for use in one of their commercials. You’d be forgiven for calling KIU his first album, because his actual first album was released in quite limited numbers by a smaller label (Pleasure Records), seven months before Scruff signed to Ninja Tune. That debut album, Mrs Cruff, has just been re-issued, and from it I offer the epic ‘Chicken In A Box’, a vaguely Asian-sounding bundle of big drums, a flutey riff, and Scruff’s trademark warm, stringy goodness. For added protein, enjoy the fun ‘Dancing Time’ number from Scruff and fellow Brighton mate Quantic.
A huge beat – stick it in your car and drum your drive away.

Mr Scruff – Chicken In A Box
Mr Scruff & Quantic – It’s Dancing Time
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5 Responses to “Mr Scruff”

  1. dan :

    Mr Scruff, as well as most everything on the Ninja Tune roster, is really awesome. Seconding this reccomendation!

  2. dj A :

    MAN. Dancing Time is really ace.
    thanx dude!

  3. Anonymous :

    I’d be interested to know which came first:
    The Chicken, “Mr Scruff – Chicken In a Box” (see 3:35 into song).
    The Egg, “The Avalanches – Etoh” (see 2:30 into song).

  4. Paul Irish :

    The Chicken was first!

    scruff’s self titled: released May 12, 1997
    avalanches’ since i left you: released Nov 27, 2000

  5. obifromsouthlondon :

    dancing time is really the biz. afro funk to the max