Venus Hum

dance // dream-pop

Bright musical texture. Screen door sundae. Who ever knew this sound could come out of Nashville? But that’s where the scorching voice of vocalist Annette Strean found its musical soapbox. It’s Strean’s vocality that drives the dubby bassline and synth-rich harmonies; first she sounds like Allison (of) Goldfrapp, then Lady Miss Kier of Deee-lite, then Yaz, and then you swear it’s Björk in disguise.
Hear this voice belt out like it’s summer on Mercury.

Venus Hum – Soul Sloshing

One Response to “Venus Hum”

  1. Anonymous :

    lj: devour_me

    Downloaded and listened to the track before reading your blurb on it. I’ve never heard of Venus Hum before…and immediately I noticed the similarity in at least part of her voice, to Björk. Good track, they’re a little too pop for my taste though :)